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The Mobile Places That Grown-Ups Go To For Cute, Furry Creatures That Spew Blood And Gore

If you are one of those still stuck on the train with some way to go wanting an outlet for your sick sense of humor so that you do not die of boredom then you should check out the places these other dudes hang out in to get their fixations on blood, guts and gore. Curiously, these are hang-out spots on your mobile for folks – maybe you’re one of them but won’t readily admit it – who love cute, furry creatures, so adorable they could squeeze them tightly at night to never let go and so that the bogeyman does not come crawling out from under their beds.


You do not have to admit this to other readers, they are not going to know otherwise once you have left this page, but when you click in instagram followers here you are going to get your full exposure to all the blood, guts and violence to keep you guffawing all the way home on the bus. It is just that Fun Run 2 has all these cute fuzzy wuzzy softie creatures running about in your face, so if you do not mind that then fire away. Of course, if you cannot stand all this cuteness, well then, soon enough, you will know how to blast all these online infestations all the way into cyberspace.

Just image the look on your small kid’s face when you have ripped his favorite cutie to shreds, right before his watery eyes. Good for a laugh, huh? That is only if you have got a sick sense of humor like the rest of the guys still playing around with kids’ cuddlies trapped inside of Fun Run 1. Fun and games with cute little toys that your kids play with and blood, guts and gore, just the way you like, just to help you kill time on that long road home with all these stuffy people. Don’t you wish you could hack and blast them away too? H’mm, there must be games for that too.